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Take control with AAIWA’s Pest Control! Our two-step, entomologist-certified process ensures a thorough cleanse. Enjoy a safe, effective solution with a 60-day guarantee. Book now to benefit from the best services tailored for you, securing your home’s safety and comfort.


Hygienic Cleaning

Our thorough sanitation ensures your home is not just clean but healthily spotless

Saves Time and Effort

Quick, efficient cleaning that quickly gives you extra hours for what you love.

Trustworthy Care

Count on us for detailed and scrupulously clean results, ensuring a pristine home

Service Details

Pest Control Service

What We Do

Included Services

1. Cleaning gadgets, cleansers, and protective gears of the professionals

2. Careful removal of utensils and grooming products

3. In-depth check of the entire space

4. Entomologist-certified cleaning agents

What We Don't Do

Excluded Services


During the 1st visit, the partner will spray a liquid cleanser to exterminate the adult insects.

During the 2nd visit, the partner will apply gel-based cleanser to the nooks and corners to clean them of the nymphs and hatched eggs.

As a customer, if you wish to be present at the space where the cleaning is on, you should wear a face mask at all times. We recommend you do not touch any chemicals, cleanser, or the cleaned surface when they are wet. Once the cleaning gets over, wait till the surface dries. You should not use water or soap to clean the surface. Instead, use a dry cloth to clean the surface before using them for daily chores. For safety, please burn the cloth and dispose of the ashes in a sealed pack.

The service is absolutely safe for your children and pets unless it gets accidentally administered internally. Therefore, we recommend you keep a close watch on your children and pets and not allow them near the cleaning area during the process. Once the cleaning is done, ensure they do not lick the surface till you clean the surface with a dried cloth.

During the 2nd visit the professional targets the nymphs and hatched eggs. As the eggs are laid in difficult-to-reach areas and are generally microscopic, our professionals give them the time to hatch and allow the insects to grow till they become nymphs. This gives them the visibility to track down the corners where the microscopic eggs are laid and allows them to apply cleansers. As a result, the complete life cycle of the insects and bugs gets eliminated making the 2nd visit as crucial as the first.

No. As the 2nd visit is meant to clean the nymphs and hatched eggs, our partner will not remove the utensils or grooming products. Keeping usable wherever they are, our partners will use entomologist-certified gel to target the nooks and corners – the nesting places of insects and pests.

You will not be charged a single dirham more than the invoice amount once it is generated.

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