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About us

When we were brainstorming about ways to make life more convenient, we got flooded with ideas. Our challenge was to pick the right one that could change the perception of the service industry by doing more than serve convenience at the click of a button. We wanted to create an environment where service providers, professionals, freelancers, and experts get to thrive. On that philosophy, we conceived Aaiwa. We designed Aaiwa to be a platform that brings everyday services closer to you. Be it hygienic living, cleaning, repairing, domestic support, or anything else, Aaiwa plans to get them at your front door when you prefer. But that is only a part of our story. While we want you to book your home services with us and make your life more convenient, we also want you to be a part of a larger cause. A cause that promotes small businesses, solopreneurs, experts, and professionals to grow with every booking you make for them. And, between you and the experts, you will find us. We facilitate that you get the service you need at the choice of your place and at the time you set, without any scope to complain. We have set the bar high and promise to live up to it. For us, it's not just a set of words when we say - Aaiwa, We Got It.

Aaiwa and Vision

Empower small businesses, professionals, freelancers, and experts to grow by getting their services at the home of our customers to redefine the perception of convenience.

Aaiwa and Mission

Riding on technology, we offer a host of options to our customers to choose a service of their choice that is served at the location they prefer at a time suitable to them by professionals who are experts in execution.

People satisfied with our services say...

Nafissa said:
“We liked the way the tasks were done. Ritchielyn completed all work on time and did them with care. It was a good experience.”
Ivan Dolgikh said:
“Jessica did the job perfectly.”
Woochul Lee said:
“The service is excellent. I am interested to know what they have to offer.”
Khalid Lee said:
“Maribel perfectly did the job. She arrived on time, didn’t waste time, and was very clean in what ever she did.”
Fatima Majzoub said:
“Both Danlyn and Junexcil are very professional and know what they are doing. They did not waste time, messed up with the arrangement of things, and cleaned our home quickly.”